Saturday, April 13, 2013

We're back!

Our Wordpress blog got hacked during the Christmas holidays and we haven't had a chance to update it.  We are temporarily bringing back our original blog. We apologize for the delay. We added many new products to our website recently, so go check it out.

We added an entire collection for "Peas in a Pod". I just love them all! You can get one to three peas in any of our "Peas in a Pod" Collection. Here is just one of our newest items in that collections.

A couple of items have been added to the Remembrance Collection. Here is one of them.

Finally, we brought back a few of our old items, as they were requested. Just in time for Mother's Day!  The item below can be customized or you can get the Ready To Ship item, if you like it exactly as pictured.

Check back often as we are adding items all the time. Looking forward to working with you.